The Kalamazoo River Community Recreational Foundation operates four access sites along the Kalamazoo River—Angler’s Bend, Ceresco Green, Paddler’s Grove, and Saylor’s Landing—and partially supports maintenance and operations of Calhoun County’s Historic Bridge Park.

Seasons of Operation

While the sites are open year-round, the restrooms at Saylor’s Landing and Paddler’s Grove are available from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM between May and October. Time-programmed locks are installed at the Saylor’s Landing and Paddler’s Grove restrooms, which automatically open at 7:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM. The boat launch at Paddler’s Grove is available between May and October.

Site Use Rules

Saylor’s Landing, Ceresco Green, Angler’s Bend, and Paddler’s Grove are private properties that have been made available to the public by the KRCRF. This allows the KRCRF to define activities appropriate to each site’s use and to revoke the invitation to enter the property for any individual in violation of the KRCRF’s rules. AS ALWAYS, CALL 911 FOR EMERGENCIES.

  • Enter and use this site at your own risk
  • Hours of use are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Use of tobacco, smoking, or vaping products is strictly prohibited
  • Pets must be leashed and under control of owner
  • Pet waste must be collected and properly disposed of by owner
  • Place waste in receptacles
  • No parking or driving on lawns or turf areas
  • No open fires
  • No loud music
  • No camping
  • No overnight parking; vehicles will be towed
  • No solicitation or postings
  • Remove tape, staples, fasteners, and residue of any decorations following event
  • Do not trespass on neighboring properties
  • Unless reserved, features of this site are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call 888-502-8182 for reservation information.


11 Mile Rd. and D Dr. N
Ceresco, MI 49033


The Angler’s Bend site is a portion of a former single-family residential parcel that stretches more than 1,200 feet along the Kalamazoo River. The parcel was historically used by the public on an ad hoc basis to gain access to the river. Angler’s Bend is a walk-in site oriented to anglers, and the 0.60-acre area takes advantage of a part of the river with a steeper grade and rapids-like character. Stone steps descend the steep embankment from the road to the river’s edge, providing a much-improved path.


14930 Wattles Rd.
Battle Creek, MI 49014

Owned and maintained by Calhoun County Parks and Recreation Department, this park is a popular site for county residents and is used for weddings, family reunions, and other social events. The KRCRF provides financial support for the maintenance of improvements completed in 2012, including the pavilion, picnic area, a rain garden, educational signage, and restrooms.

In addition to the amenities that the KRCRF funds, the park includes a boat launch, playground, and a large parking area.

Learn more about this park by visiting the Calhoun County website.


116 Marshall St.
Ceresco, MI 49033

Situated wholly on the north bank of the Kalamazoo River at Ceresco, this site offers a place for the community to gather as well as a way to access the river. Elements of the site include portions of the former Ceresco Dam and historical markers that provide an overview of the site history.

Principal features include an oval-shaped green bordered by a birch grove and focus on a timber-framed pavilion that overlooks the river and former power plant; a small promontory offering seating and signage opportunities for recounting local history and the evolution of Ceresco’s river front; and a gently sloping path tucked into the hillside offering access to remnants of the 1905 Commonwealth Power Company dam and to the river itself. Construction of a restroom is planned to begin in late 2020/early 2021.


185-283 S. River Rd.
Battle Creek, MI 49014

Paddler’s Grove is frequented by residents and visitors for its playground, pavilion, and accessible boat launch attractions. The park-like setting includes a meandering route through the woods to the banks of the river. Intended to serve children living near the site, the playground offers a safe and accessible play experience for children of all ages and abilities. The playground is situated adjacent to a pavilion that includes two picnic tables, one of which is wheelchair accessible, and a restroom.

At the river, an accessible dock allows for easier river access for individuals with disabilities. Parking is provided at the site for a maximum of six vehicles.


12669 15 Mile Rd.
Marshall, MI 49068

Saylor’s Landing, with its prominent pavilion and restroom amenities, has become a popular starting point for recreation on the Kalamazoo River. The Jeffery Pavilion provides shelter for two picnic tables—one of which is designed for wheelchair accessibility—and the unisex restroom includes an infant changing station. A broad lawn west of the pavilion accommodates three picnic tables and grills.

The site also includes a concrete boat launch ramp and parking for approximately 14 vehicles. Many users launch their watercraft at this site and take the 1.5-hour float to Ceresco Green or beyond.