After careful review and gaining all necessary permissions, the new restroom construction is underway! Ceresco Green is a popular site for accessing the Kalamazoo River for canoeing, kayaking, and tubing. Where Saylor’s Landing and Paddler’s Grove included a restroom in their original construction, it was only through considering use patterns over several years since opening that it was determined Ceresco Green should also have a restroom available for river users.

Like the KRCRF’s other river access sites, the restroom at Ceresco Green will be a single stall facility opened during the river season from about 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The KRCRF has entered a construction contract with Gothberg Construction of Battle Creek. Materials are being ordered and it is likely that work on site will begin in late October or early November. Construction is anticipated to be complete prior to May 2024.

The restroom will be located on the downstream portion of the remnant of the Ceresco Dam, using two existing walls as a part of the new construction. Materials for the restroom will reflect the character of the now removed dam, with an orientation toward utility and function.

Portions of Ceresco Green will be disturbed by construction of the restroom and its septic system. The site will remain open to the public except for those areas where construction activities are occurring. The KRCRF requests the public to refrain from entering work areas as conditions unsafe for public use may be present.

Funding for the construction of the restroom at Ceresco Green was provided through an Enbridge Donation Fund grant. The KRCRF is one of more than 20 entities that received funding for recreation and river-oriented initiatives through the grant program. The grant also provides the KRCRF with partial funding to support the care and perpetuation of the new restroom.

Question about the project can be directed to