Fostering Community Engagement and Appreciation of the Kalamazoo River

Welcome to the Kalamazoo River Community Recreational Foundation (KRCRF). Explore our pages to learn about five Kalamazoo River access sites that are owned, managed, or supported by the KRCRF. Check out information about upcoming river events, learn about our history, and access information about each site as you plan your river journey. More than anything else, plan to spend time exploring the wonders and beauty of the Kalamazoo River between Saylor’s Landing near Marshall and Paddler’s Grove near Battle Creek.


Our mission is to support public access to the Kalamazoo River and local stewardship activities while providing ongoing care and maintenance of five river access sites located in Calhoun County, Michigan.

The Kalamazoo River is one of the most significant natural resources in Southwest Michigan, and potentially the most valued recreational asset in Calhoun County. Providing and enhancing public access to the river nurtures an appreciation for the delicate balance that exists in the river environment and encourages stewardship leading to its care and conservation. Funding ongoing maintenance and providing oversight of five public access points to the river through the KRCRF ensures the sites will serve generations of Calhoun County residents and visitors.

Access Sites

Depending on the current of the river, a paddle or float of a few hours to most of a day can be planned beginning and ending at any combination of the river access sites.